Creating a beautifully designed getaway that allows for organic interactions with luxurious and sustainable products while maximizing their accessibility by facilitating the connection between brand and buyer. 


Organic bamboo bedding, bath and sleep essentials that are gentle on your skin and our planet. ettitude’s innovative CleanBamboo fabric is soft like silk, breathable like cotton, cooling and hypoallergenic. When compared to cotton, ettitude’s signature sheet set uses 500x less water and creates 52% less carbon emissions. ettitude’s mission is to create sustainable comfort for people and the planet by making today’s decisions for our collective tomorrow.

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Today people are more divided than ever, but there is at least one goal we can all agree on: survival. We want our species to live comfortably on this planet for as long as possible, for future generations to inherit a world that is habitable. As consumers we constantly make small decisions that add up and impact the environment. Every item you buy affects the health of our ecosystem, the consumption of natural resources, labor and the standards regarding how companies make and distribute products. At Public Goods we keep these ideas in mind with every product we develop. If you browse our goods, you’ll see that every page has a few lines and labels that explain why the products are sustainable. Many of our members value sustainability and have asked for more information, so we wanted to expand on those details and offer a more vivid picture of how we are trying to positively impact the environment.

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Our specialty coffee company was born out of two simple truths: the profound positive impact of organic farming and the awe-inspiring power of Mother Nature. Sourcing only the most exceptional organic beans and roasting them in the extremes of the Mojave Desert, our small-batch roasts embody the unique, invigorating energy of our tight-knit community and its unparalleled surroundings.

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Eco Cotton rugs are why Hook & Loom exists. They represent the finish line in a long journey to make the perfect Earth-friendly cotton rugs. Not only do these eco cotton rugs produce no harmful waste, they keep existing cotton fibers out of landfills!Maybe you’ve heard of recycled cotton fiber rugs before. Unfortunately, companies advertising 100% recycled cotton fiber are using (and dyeing) new cotton. This “recycled” cotton is actually new cotton that’s been rejected from production of goods which require long cotton fibers. How can you tell? True recycled cotton is never 100% cotton. There are always small amounts of polyester and other fibers in the mix, from pockets, linings, thread, etc. We make rugs we’re proud of, and rugs you can be proud to own. We will never use virgin cotton.


Lu France Interiors is a woman owned, Filipino owned, San Diego California based home decor brand that offers a line of naturally dyed textiles and handmade, ethically sourced artisanal pieces curated for intentional design. Every piece from its collections pays homage to the work, skills, and artistry of its makers- carrying their stories and sharing them with those who purchase. LFI collaborates with artisans and small business owners from different cities and countries who carry within their work and businesses a shared value for sustainability, ethical practices, and handcrafted designs.

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What started as a hobby, local artist Candice Luter began her journey creating one-of-a-kind designs using remnant scraps of wood and fabric from her home studio. Remnant Design was born and continues to build momentum as a collection of custom furniture and unique home accents since 2014.

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Dodie Sy

Dodie Sy was raised in the natural splendor of the Philippines, surrounded by tropical flora and lush forests. At a young age an innate appreciation for natural beauty led him to start viewing the world through an aesthetic lens. When he turned 13 his family left the Philippines and moved to California, where he had to assimilate to a new environment and find his identity as an artistic immigrant. The son of hardworking parents he followed suit and earned a full scholarship to FIDM to study interior design. Soon realizing he longed for more creative freedom, Dodie left school to pursue floral design. Escalating his artistry from simple arrangements to grand scale events, was proof he had made the right decision and manifested itself into many industry achievements. Never one to sit idle, he soon felt compelled to try a new medium and began painting floral scapes in watercolor. Shortly after his husband saw his potential as a painter he urged Dodie to try his hand at oil painting. Dodie instantly fell in love with the medium and his ability to manipulate the paint and other mediums on the canvas. 


The mats are made from recycled materials that are easily and efficiently maintained. The designs are developed in collaboration with some of Norway’s leading designers, whose timeless motifs also ensure visual longevity. Heymat’s first collection was launched in 2016, and today their mats are available in several countries both in Europe, America and in Asia. Valuing functionality, sustainability and contemporary design, their mission is to make your rooms a pleasure to come home to.


Avocado Green Mattresses are designed in Hoboken and handmade in sunny California, in their own factory, with only the finest certified organic, natural, and non-toxic materials. The mission is to be the most respected source for organic and natural mattresses, pillows, and bedding at affordable prices — while maintaining environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practices across the entire supply chain — to help safeguard your health and protect our planet. They're a certified B Corp. Their products are organic certified by GOTS. They don’t use toxic chemicals. Their factories are powered by renewable energy are approaching zero waste. They even care for nearly 200,000 sheep, grow and produce our own natural latex, and are carbon negative, from the farm to your bedroom. And the journey has just begun.



Elizabeth Eisenstein, a potter based near Joshua Tree, CA, and the maker behind ZZIEE Ceramics. Coming from a fine arts background, she enjoys making work that straddles the divide between pottery and sculpture, while drawing inspiration from the textures, colors, and shapes of the Mojave desert. Every object is handmade by her on her potter’s wheel and fired in her home studio.


Muse Apothecary Pillow Ritual Mist is a luxurious aromatherapy relaxing mist that refreshes your pillows and sheets with an aromatherapeutic blend of natural fragrances and essential oils. Calming pillow mist imparts the therapeutic aromas of lavender onto your pillowcases and beddings. Spritz it onto your pillows as well as your blankets, comforters, and sheets to immerse yourself into total relaxation. MADE IN USA - Organic + Vegan, Plant-based formula, safe, and highly effective. Cruelty-Free, Leaping Bunny Certified. Free from harsh chemicals. Paraben & EDTA free, pH balanced

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